Cubest Competition Rules

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Cubest Competition Rules:

1. Participating Teams can be  affiliated to/ sponsored by a company or a university including a faculty member as the leader, or can be an independent team with a non-academic team leader. Every participating team is required to include three main members introduced at the beginning of the competition. There is no limit to the total number of team members.
2. One of the main members is required to be the team leader. The team leader will be the focal point of its corresponding team and all the communication between the competition secretariat and the team will be performed through the focal point (the team leader). The team leader can be changed once during the course of competition upon the consent of the majority of the officially introduced members.
3. Every individual can take part in only one team.
4. Participating Teams will be identified by the name which they announce at the beginning of the competition. The introduced name  cannot be changed.

5. The main members need to be be fixed and teams can change or add only one main member during the competition following the request sent by  the team leader to the secretariat and being approved accordingly.

6. Participating Teams are required be in constant contact  with competition secretariat in all phases and routinely check the  news published on the competition website.
7. Teams will get disqualified and barred from the competition in case of any deception being practiced or providing.
8. Team must take part in all Briefing sessions.

9. Every officially registered teams deemed to have been read and accepted the rules. Any violation will be addressed by the  organizing committee and decent measures will be adopted. These rules have been set to hold the competition in an orderly and proper manner and to provide an inspiring and vibrant ambient for scientific activity of participants.
10.  The official website of the competition ( will be the unique official reference regarding the competition. Any changes to the rules will be announced in the website as well as being communicated to the team leaders.

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