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CUBEST is a competitive activity which provides an opportunity for semi-professional teams to design and build a 6-U Cubesat to perform certain communication missions. The competition is held in three stages. The first stage includes design and MIL (Model in the Loop) presentation. Participating Teams which demonstrate satisfactory performance in the first phase will be honored and awarded a cash prize and then, selected teams will be eligible to enter the next phase to build the EM (Engineering model). All the associated costs of hardware procurement and assembly will be provided by the competition sponsor. Finally, in the last phase, the FM (Flight Model) will be built and launched.
The first phase of the competition has started in Feb 2021 and will finish in Sep 2021. The Second phase will start following the conclusion of the first phase and is due to finish by the end of 2021.

The competition aims to:
  • Recruit experts for space technologies research
  • Promote private sector and startups in the field of space technologies
  • Provide an opportunity for space specialists and students to experience hands-on activities.
  • Familiarize enthusiast with space related technologies.
  • Promulgate team work among specialist in different fields.
  • Develop indigenous space science and technologies
  • Identify enthusiasts talented in technical and scientific space activities
  • Provide an opportunity for creativity and innovation in students and specialists
  • In-situ familiarization with system design and system engineering fundamentals.
  • Promote space technology and its applications among public

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