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January 9, 2022 -

January 7th Online meeting video

For further information about the competition, please download the January 7th Online meeting recorded video from the link below.   

December 4, 2021 -

Extension deadline

We hereby announce that the registration deadline for the competition has been extended until the end of December.

November 25, 2021 -

First round appreciation ceremony

We invite you to participate in the appreciation ceremony of the top teams of the first round of the competition on Thursday, November 25th, at 2 to 4 pm Iranian time at the following link.Conference roomsinecrely,Cubest Competition Secreteriat

October 20, 2021 -

Mission statement

Mission statement of the second round of Iranian Cubesat Competition:  To provide IoT service, it is intended to design a satellite constellation, comprising 3 to 5 6-U cubesats at LEO along with data transmission terminals, and ground stations network including telemetry reception and telecommand stations. Each terminal should have the opportunity of sending its data (packet of 4 kB) to the constellation at least once in every 12-hour period. The space segment of the constellation should relay  received data to a ground station (located at the participant’s discretion) in less than 12 hours following reception from terminal. The service area for terminal coverage includes the territory of Iran with the maximum possible peripheral area.    Competition criterion:  Participants will carry out system design (conceptual design) of the space segment and ground segment of a satellite constellation to fulfill the objectives of the mission statement.  The space segment system design will include determining the orbital parameters of the satellites as well as conceptual design of the satellites’ systems. The ground segment system design shall include conceptual design of telemetry station, telecommand station(s) and user terminals. User terminals will be designed based on IoT standards.  Observations:  Participating teams, at their discretion, will determine constellation pattern, orbital parameters, satellites specifications, communication frequencies among users, satellites and grounds stations, and whether or not to incorporate ISL into the system. The satellites’ altitude willl be bound to 500-700 Km. Satellites will be 6-U cubesats with the weight not exceeding 10 kg. Satellites need not to be identical.​​​​​​​ Incorporating other satellites or ground facilities to fulfill the mission is not allowed. Operational life span of the constellation will be three years. Cost of the constellation design, build up and maintenance will be determined for the course of three years. User terminals will be designed in accordance with IoT standards.  Participant’s performance assessment:  Performance of the participants will be assessed based on appropriateness of the design, and criteria such as minimum implementation cost, maximum coverage area and maximum number of covered users.

July 18, 2021 -

International 6U Cubesat Design And Development Competition

An international 6U cubesat design and development competition will be held soon by Follow the news to get informed about time schedule, awards, rules and other specifications of this attractive competition.

July 12, 2021 -

Communications type 6U CubeSats

Some of Communications type 6U CubeSats are introduced in this article.

June 14, 2021 -

Satellite Equipments Supply

If you are Supplying or demanding Satellite subsystems equipments and parts, please complete the form in the link here

June 1, 2021 -

Space Investment Quarterly- Q1 2021

Over the last 10 years, there has been $186.7B of equity investment across 1,480 unique companies in the space economy, led by investment in the U.S. and China, which collectively account for 75% of the global total. Investors deployed another $4.5B into space companies in Q1, which was the fourth consecutive quarter of declining investment after a record quarter in Q2 2020. However, the trend towards larger, late-stage deals continued in Q1 with the top 10 rounds accounting for $3.5B or (77%) of the total investment in the quarter.Early-stage activity remains healthy, accounting for 41% of rounds closed in Q1. Following a recording year of Infrastructure investment, the stack now accounts for 18% of total investment in the last 10 years.

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